Mosquito Control Services creates custom residential abatement programs for your city, town, parish or county. These comprehensive and cost-effective programs help manage the mosquitoes in your area and provide a safe environment for you and your family. Please click the links below to learn more about the services we offer to corporate and government clients.


We believe people are the first line of defense against disease-carrying mosquitoes, and that’s why education and outreach are an integral part of everything we do. From flyers handed out door-to-door to detailed biological presentations and public services announcements, we strive to constantly inform and update the public, whether it is regarding a simple nuisance mosquito problem or a real disease threat. In the event of a detected threat, you can trust us to deliver coordinated and comprehensive information utilizing local media, government agencies, and even door-to-door notifications.

Diseases like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and Zika are mosquito-borne diseases that pose a real threat to communities in the Southern United States. Combating these diseases is a major focus at Mosquito Control Services. The battle to stop the spread of these diseases takes a highly coordinated effort between governments and the communities they service. Mosquito Control Services provides this link with the resources and education that have proven effective many times over.

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